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China Tel: +86-28-8519-2786/+86-10-6266-7326
China Fax: +86-28-8519-3068/+86-10-6266-7379
US Tel:
+1-949-639-9688 /+1-949-639-9608
US Fax:+1-949-639-9670

Any RFQ, pls. email to:

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Worldwide Representative Recruiting.....

20 years hard work, AINFO get good reputation by providing competitive product & service. Now, is the time to build stronger relationship w/ representative to better serve our customer worldwide.

In Antenna, RF, Microwave industry? Pls. review Capable in promoting AINFO's product, download the NDA & International Rep. Survey, fill in and e-mail to





60 Tesla, Irvine, CA 92618, USA
Tel: 949-639-9688 / Cell: 949-639-9608


US Office Open & Sales Hiring.....

AINFO established many US customers in the past 17 years and now we are looking for experienced RF sales engineer to promote the market further and serve the US customers.

Challenging, fun, rewarding. Pls. send resume to or call 949-639-9608.




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